Thrive Foods-Your Favorite Meals Redefined

Welcome to Cooking With THRIVE! We have dedicated this site to sharing recipe’s, news, coupons and helpful tips about using Shelf Reliance’s THRIVE Foods in your kitchen as we do in ours.

We believe in using our and rotating our delicious THRIVE foods in our every day meals. We love the flavor, freshness and the fact that we are eating healthier than we could with every day store bought products. Most THRIVE foods are all natural, non GMO and have no MSG added. THRIVE FOODS TASTE GOOD! THRIVE freeze dried foods have an unopened shelf life of 25 Years! No more wasted food in your kitchen…EVER! As THRIVE consultants we are able to offer you 5-40% off regular Shelf Reliance prices should you decide to purchase Thrive Foods.

Using freeze dried foods is not as difficult as you might think. THRIVE offers the widest selection of freeze dried foods and sides and in most cases THRIVE meals are easier to prepare than traditional ingredients and cooking methods.

Although Shelf Reliance has many excellent educational videos on their website and YouTube page, we will present recipes and step by step meal preparation videos based on traditional dishes as well as some unique concoctions we’ve created in our own kitchen.Check this site often as it is always being updated with new material and specials!


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